Brandon School of Dance is proud to be able to offer a wide range of dance styles to it’s students each year. Please take a moment to read about the various classes that we have to offer to see what style suits you best.


Using the philosophy of the Cecchetti training method, students will learn a solid foundation of precise, clean ballet technique. To dance classical ballet is to attain a graceful style displaying harmony of movement and clarity of line. This comes with discipline and persistence. Through the use of a leveled curriculum (levels A–E), this program is designed to help each individual student strive toward a goal that he or she is capable of. Students will discover that the challenge is rewarding both mentally and physically.

Ballet, Brandon School of Dance

Tots-on-Tippy-Toes (10 week program for 3-year-olds)

“Children love to dance, because they love to move.”  How many times have you seen your child dance freely when no one is watching?  So much is to be learned from this experience.  In this class we introduce the children to dance with creative movement and encourage imagination, with the goals to learn to take turns, follow directions, develop basic coordination, and experience the joy of moving to music. Class size is limited to 8 students.


Pre-ballet classes, for children ages 4 – 6, awaken the child to music and dance, coordination, spatial and motor skills. Gentle guidance helps the beginner develop rhythm, cooperation, playful creative dance, and basic ballet skills. The classes offer an atmosphere of fun within discipline so the children can gain a sense of accomplishment as well as exploring their love of dance and music.

Together the students and their teachers will integrate their ballet technique and lots of imagination into storytelling dances. A great place for your child to learn, create and dance! Pre-ballet classes are limited to 8 students.

Pre-Ballet, Brandon School of Dance


Pointe is for students who have years of experience and sufficient ankle strength. The student’s age is considered to ensure that their bones are strong enough. Only those who are found qualified by the teacher may participate in this class.

Pointe, Brandon School of Dance


Jazz classes are for students 7 years of age and up.  Jazz dance emphasizes individual style, expression and improvisation as noted in the many dancers today. Jazz technique develops flexibility and co-ordination of the total body. Explore different jazz styles, rhythms and techniques in this energetic, fun, quick tempo dance discipline.

Jazz, Brandon School of Dance


Lyrical classes are for students 7 years of age and up.  Lyrical is a specific style of jazz performed to slower lyrical music or a classic ballad. It is a jazz style with more interpretive and emotional elements; it also incorporates elements of ballet and modern.

Lyrical Jazz, Brandon School of Dance


Flamenco classes are for students 7 years of age and up.  Flamenco dance (baile) is a highly expressive, and passionate Spanish dance form involving hand clapping, percussive footwork, and intricate hand, arm and body movements. Students learn to express themselves with dramatic movements and skillful footwork as they come to understand the exciting rhythms and soulful songs of gypsy music. Flamenco offers a rich experience of discovery, challenge and development.


Tap classes are for students 4 years of age and up. Tap dance is a great way for dancers to develop their musicality, sense of rhythm, and style. Classes are upbeat and energetic, and focus on building individual dancers’ fundamentals as well as group precision. In no time students will be amazed with how fast their feet can fly!

Tap, Brandon School of Dance

Adult Exercise Class

Exercise Class will be a combination of stretches at the barre, isolation exercises, STOTT Pilates® and yoga.  It will be geared towards building core strength and improving flexibility. People interested in this class should contact us at

Adult Exercise Class, Brandon School of Dance


American ballroom has 3 levels, bronze, silver, and gold with each level is broken into 3 stages. For ease of progression 2e present our ballroom levels 1 through 5.  In level 1 students will learn the basics of waltz, tango, foxtrot, swing, rumba cha-cha and a nightclub dance – slow foxtrot.  Level 2 will be more advanced steps in the dances from level 1.  Level 3 will be the final stage where students learn even more advanced steps in the same dances. The level 4/5 is for the advanced dancers following the 3 levels of Bronze and students will be introduced to Viennese waltz and samba.  Gold level is offered only on a private lesson basis, will be the most demanding and is for serious or competitive dancers. 

Ballroom Dancing, Brandon School of Dance

Beginner Belly Dance Workout

This is a class for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, short, young, old, rhythmic or have two left feet! Everyone can belly dance. Beginner belly dance will focus on teaching technique and drilling what we’ve learned. Each week there will be more moves added to your dance vocabulary and you will get a good workout while at the same time. All levels welcome.

Belly Dance – Continuing Technique

This is a class for those dancers who have completed at least one full year of beginner belly dance. The focus will be on building up your dance vocabulary, becoming more confident in your abilities and working your shimmies! Combos and layering will be of central focus.

Please note: All students are expected to arrive early for their classes, to warm up and are also expected to review previously learned material prior to each class.