Adult Classes


American ballroom has 3 levels, bronze, silver, and gold with each level is broken into 3 stages. For ease of progression we present our ballroom levels 1 through 5.  In level 1 couples will learn the basics of two different dances in a 5 week session.   Level 2 will be more advanced steps in the dances from level 1.  Level 3 will be the final stage where students learn even more advanced steps in the same dances. The level 4/5 is for the advanced dancers following the 3 levels of Bronze and students will be introduced to Viennese waltz and samba.  Gold level is offered only on a private lesson basis, will be the most demanding and is for serious or competitive dancers. 

5-week Ballroom class schedule for 2021/2022


Adult Flamenco

This class is for those wishing to study and dance in the traditional Flamenco style of Spain.   Our instructor has studied in Jerez de la Frontera in the region of Adalucia, the birthplace and home of Flamenco dancing.

Adult Jazz

This class is for adults who have had previous experience in dance and wish to continue at an appropriate level.

Adult Tap

This adult class is for beginners and experienced “tappers” alike.


Adult Exercise Class

Exercise Class will be a combination of stretches at the barre, isolation exercises, STOTT Pilates® and yoga.  It will be geared towards building core strength and improving flexibility. People interested in this class should contact us at

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Beginner Belly Dance Workout

This is a class for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, short, young, old, rhythmic or have two left feet! Everyone can belly dance. Beginner belly dance will focus on teaching technique and drilling what we’ve learned. Each week there will be more moves added to your dance vocabulary and you will get a good workout while at the same time. All levels welcome.

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Belly Dance – Continuing Technique

This is a class for those dancers who have completed at least one full year of beginner belly dance. The focus will be on building up your dance vocabulary, becoming more confident in your abilities and working your shimmies! Combos and layering will be of central focus.

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