On-line registration for any course or special event is easy and quick once you have a RAMP account set up.

It only takes a few minutes to set up an account and once you do you never have to enter the information again. Read the following directions and then click REGISTER NOW at the bottom of this page.

  1. Set up an account on RAMP after you click on the link below.
  2. Register yourself or your child as a new participant in any one of the 3 different seasons. (Adult, Full Year Youth Classes or Youth Sessional Season). If the person taking the class has previously registered for a class they may be in the existing participant list already.
  3. Choose the class or classes you want.  It is impossible to list all of the possible bundles but we will manually bundle all classes in the same style of dance for you in the fall and reduce the rate. You have to register for them now though.
  4. Sign the waiver form.
  5. Enter your information again as a parent/guardian emergency contact. It may be in the pull down menu already.   You do not have to enter a second emergency contact if you do not wish to, just click continue at the bottom.
  6. Proceed to the payment section. Your payment will be listed at the bottom of the summary page and you will receive an e-mail confirmation if you have registered successfully.
  7. Discounts are available for students that register in 2 or more classes and will be calculated and refunded manually in October.
  8. Credit carried forward from last year does not automatically come off but will be refunded manually at the end of October.

If you are a new student and not sure which class you should be registering for please see the descriptions of the classes here.  If still unsure please e-mail us info@brandonschoolofdance.ca and we will call you to discuss the best options.

To view the schedules click here.